Staffing secrets from an HR pro

Orlando Biz Journal 6/8 6:00P Elizabeth Williams
A funny thing about staffing and running a business, municipality, or any organization looking to hire and retain high-quality, highly skilled employees: When you finally reach the realization you need help in the human resources department —...

Next steps when in-house IT is not enough

Orlando Biz Journal 6/8 6:00P Adam Lewan
Welcome to Industry 4.0.— aka the Fourth Industrial Revolution — a new way and world of work, where AI, APIs, IoT, IT and OT converge and innumerable amounts of data (and, clearly, acronyms) are revolutionizing the way you manufacture, improv and...

Why your company’s back-office operations shouldn’t be on the back burner

Orlando Biz Journal 6/8 6:00P Sharon E. Berman and Linda J. Lu
Let’s be honest, business owners. No matter how exciting your company, industry, product, or service, back-office work isn’t fun. It’s tedious, arduous, exacting, and highly demanding. And that’s exactly how it should be — if your back office is...

You don’t need a business time machine; you need a plan

Orlando Biz Journal 6/8 6:00P Tom Shemanski
How many times in the last year have you thought to yourself, “If I could just get one week to catch up, I’d be able to get to my project list. I could build that new budget model, work on a profit-by-job report, or update my machine rates.”...
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